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   The usual traveler or anyone who has been to an airport will usually step into Duty Free stores before their flight actually takes off.  Thus DFS strives to provide an exceptional shopping experience for their customers, and with the solutions we have offered, we have pushed that limit of quality further with the implementation of informational signage and displays. 


   These solutions include replacing traditional light boxes graphics with lively and vibrant led displays to ensure customers are pleasantly informed with the help of true to life videos and vivid animations.  


   Also we have helped designed specific areas and provided audio and visual solutions within the stores to mimic a bar experience to those who are traveling. Which customers have commented that they had a splendid experience of trying out drinks and enjoying the atmosphere.


   Conferencing has always been a very important factor for global companies and even smaller companies to achieve growth and success. This is why Video and Audio conferencing has been developed up to today’s standard.


   We as a company also understands this and thus we strive to provide highest quality of services and equipment and implement them into offices in order to maximize this crucial factor of every company that needs it, not only it strengthens relationships between offices in different location, but also reduce the cost and save the time for business trips. Also these equipment can be also used for large town hall events which broadcasting any specific even to an audience is necessary. 


   With the help of our partners, industry leading manufacturers of audio and visual devices will be implemented to ensure the overall quality and experience can meet our client’s high expectations of seamless communication with offices across the world or with their own clients.



   As one of the leaders in the financial industry, it is only natural to provide first class solutions to the same degree as their services. We have partnered up with Leyard, which is also the leaders in their respective industry and together we have implemented a magnificent LED solution to be placed not only at branches of financial industries, but also branding retails store in Hong Kong, centered in the most famous district in Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories to provide a great source of information delivery to the highest populated area within the core district of Hong Kong. 


   The LED itself is magnificent on its own, with a dual sided ultra-fine display hanging in mid air, combined with a beautiful 4K informational display, customers from both inside and outside can enjoy the qualities of any information being displayed.


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